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Project Manager

Key Skills: Patrick is a hard-working individual with a refreshingly positive attitude. His communication skills provide a fluid line of communication with the client’s team of consultants, producing high quality results throughout a project life-cycle.

Role: Patrick plays a crucial role in orchestrating the management of projects from inception to completion. He maintains regular communication with all members of the design and consultant team, ensuring efficient coordination and management throughout every phase. Patrick's responsibilities include providing comprehensive progress reports to clients, both on-site and strategically, on a monthly basis. His attention to detail is evident in the creation and monitoring of detailed risk registers across the project life cycle, proactively identifying and mitigating any potential risks that may arise. Patrick takes charge of arranging and facilitating meetings to address project concerns promptly, pre-empting any adverse impacts on the project's progress. 

Background: Patrick joined the company in 2018 as part of the project management team and since then, he has played a pivotal role in the successful completion of diverse projects spanning commercial, residential, and industrial sectors.. Patrick holds a level 4 diploma in construction and the built environment and is currently in his final year of a part time degree in construction management. As well as leading projects, Patrick supports his senior team members in the delivery of large scale projects.

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