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C&Ps Red January initiative raises over £1200 for MIND Charity

With Christmas firmly behind everyone and the need to flush out the systems from all the over indulging, the team from C&P got back on the health train in January. This gave us the chance to support the “Red January Initiative” for the charity Mind to raise awareness for mental health.

This involved raising £1 for every mile walked, ran or swam, however, In true C&P fashion this quickly turned in to a “friendly competition” and augmented into who could do the most physical activity in January, with the majority of the team not only running every day but upping their gym sessions, boot camps and playing more sport to push their individual denotations up so they could be crowed the highest donator (Winner) of Red January in the company.

Collectively the team managed to clock an impressive 770 hours in the gym or playing sport and a distance of 280 miles ran.

As Red January was all for a good cause we will leave the winner nameless as the main focus is on the achievement of the team and the hard work put in by all to raise over £1260 for the charity Mind.

Outstanding effort by all.

Until the next C&P Challenge.

By Robert Wake Project Manager


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